Experience Matters

            As the most experienced granite fabricators in our market, we possess the knowledge and the capabilities to ensure a quality job.  Not only does Authentic Granite has some of the most advanced fabrication equipment available, we also have some the most skilled craftsman you will find.



            Effective communication ensures effective results! We keep you involved throughout the entire process.  Understanding your needs and desires and then helping you understand each step in the process as the job develops is what ensures a great job.



           Our seams are some of the best in the business.  We carefully lay out all projects to ensure proper color and flow characteristics of the selected material to get the best possible match at a seam.  All of our seams are set using a special tool that uses hundreds of pounds of pressure to pull the seam together and level it.  This tool is so strong it can actually straighten out slightly bowed or crowned countertops.  Our installers even have the ability to surface polish the seam to give it that final touch so that the seam has no slippage.


Customer service

           Authentic Granite believes in treating every customer and their home with respect.  It is our goal to make our customers feel that they have made the correct decision that best fits their individual needs.  All of our natural stone is sealed once it is installed and care instructions are given to every customer at the end of the project.